Saturday, October 20, 2012

Now You See It by Cait Donnelly

Now You See ItNow You See It by Cáit Donnelly
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Gemma Cavanagh finally feels like she is getting her footing after kicking her manipulative husband out and filing for divorce, everything begins to shatter when someone breaks into her house. As a favor to his close friend and Navy SEAL buddy, Brady McGrath has a way of tracking people and providing the best security possible to keep someone safe, part of that ability is being able to sense emotions from items and even people, he shows up at Gemma’s home.

Gemma’s life is in a tail spin, her soon to be ex is viciously murdered, she finds herself attracted to Brady, and someone is after her and killing people she knows in his wake. Brady had a rule, no redheads but the rule is out the window when he realizes that Gemma maybe the one who can relate to his gift, because she has a secret ability of his own. Brady doesn’t plan to leave Gemma unprotected as the killer becomes more determined and pieces of an intricate puzzle about her ex begins to shed light.

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