Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Rope Me In by Cerise DeLand

Rope Me In (Knights in Black Leather, #1)Rope Me In by Cerise DeLand
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Cara Ford returned home to start a fresh life, after leaving her abusive ex-husband whose dominant behavior chucked away at her self esteem, she is in no hurry to begin a new relationship with any man. Her curiosity has gotten the better of her though when it comes to the MacRae brothers whose rumored talents in the bedroom and sharing a woman between them is legendary.

Jed, Harry, and Will have been celibate since they found out Cara was coming home. Their hopes that she will be the woman they can share as lover, wife, and friend are high and they have spent the year preparing for her to take a chance on them. Knowing she is gun shy is going to require all three of them to use their talents inside and outside of the bedroom if they want a chance at capturing her heart.

I gave this a 2.5. I had a few problems with the story mainly since she was supposed to be tentative and yet she is like a wanton vixen in the bedroom. It also seemed like the story was current yet at times very old fashioned like an old western. I couldn't say I really liked the heroine, although I was very intrigued by the three men.

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