Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Taming Samantha by Jenny Penn

Taming Samantha (Sea Island Wolves #2)Taming Samantha by Jenny Penn
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

when JD McBane shows up to introduce himself around the new race park that is opening in his town, he finds himself confronting his mate and she wants nothing to do with him. Samantha Hark has no plans to being taken advantage of by another man, especially another werewolf.

Life has never been easy for Samantha, and it does not look like it will get an easier when she finds out that JD has a twin Caleb who is equally invested in making her their mate. Samantha is just not going to succumb easily to the two men who make her quiver with need, she is going to put up one hell of a fight along the way.

I gave this a 3.5, my only issue with the whole book is that JD and Caleb are so aggressive in the beginning you wonder what is the interest there, it took awhile to soften to them in the book.

**Reread, I liked it better the second time but that is because I knew and realized JD was a numbskull. Caleb is the softer of the two but both still have the caveman mantra down pat.

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