Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Theme Day: Enemies to Lovers

I love the intensity of a great story where the hero/heroine start of as enemies and although fighting the whole way becomes lovers. A few of my favorties:

Beneath the Skin (de La Vega Cats, #3)Corralling the Stones, Part 1: The ChaseAn Invitation: Ariel's Pet

Hailey's Game (Cattleman's Club, #2)Hailey's Game by Jenny Penn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Haley hates Cole with a passion, the first time he met her he insulted her and she has never forgotten, even if she finds him desirable she makes sure to keep her claws out when he is around. Kyle has wanted Haley for years, but she has always maintained a safe distance and a lot of sass to keep him away, but the time is right for him to make his move.

Kyle's only worry is his best friend and roommate Cole who is becoming more of a liability where Haley is concerned than a partner. Kyle is able to break through Haley's tightly guarded wall, only to have Cole discover that he was not invited to the party. When Haley makes Cole a deal of four weeks without any sex and her as the prize, Cole readily accepts. Haley's plan backfires a little where Kyle is concerned, not to mention she had set another plan in motion that could cost her both the men she loves.

One of my favorite books. I loved the intricately woven story for the Cattleman's Club, each story blends with another in the main plot concerning Cole, but each character is so different and all of them are feisty. This is the type of book that you can't put down until the very last page.

***Reread because I wanted a book with a hot tempered heroine and Haley is it. I hope the next one comes out soon. This is my favorite Jenny Penn novel, it is pretty raw but a ton of fun wrapped into 400+ pages

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