Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Miss: Never Gonna Love Again by Laura Marie

Miss: Never Gonna Love AgainMiss: Never Gonna Love Again by Laura Marie
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Julianna McKay experienced the ultimate betrayal thanks to her fiancee. Knowing she has no choice but to flee New York, she makes her way back to the only family she has left in Claire Country Texas..

Ex-Marine and Sherriff Johnny Black knows something is up with Claire County's newest resident, but her fearful flinches and hot headed tempers are contradicting. Johnny has never felt so protective for another woman but he does Julianna, he just has to figure a way to get her to relax around him enough to get close.

Julianna questions everything about Johnny, why would such a stunning man be interested in her, not to mention is he trustworthy. What neither of them realize is they are both holding issues from their past close inside but with some care they can both heal.

I love this story, this was a reread but it is a very moving read. I like that Julianna struggled with her emotions and it just wasn't a bandaid fix, making it more realistic. I hope the author comes out with the next one soon.

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