Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Judging A Book By It's Cover (#4)

Judging A Book by It's Cover, is a weekly challenge that will be held every Wednesday, but you can complete at your own pace.

The gist of it I will go to my To Be Read on Goodreads and pick a book solely on it's cover. You can pick from books at home, shelfari, amazon, goodreads, etc.

At one point I read the synopsis so feel confident of the books in my TBR are ones I would enjoy, however for some reason I have not picked it up since adding it.

I will post the cover of the book with my initial thoughts on what I think it will be without rereading the synopsis. Once I have finished the book, I will write the review and compare review to cover. I think this is an interesting type of challenge and could be a lot of fun. Plus it gives me a chance to tackle books that either caught my eye or the cover has turned me off and I have not given a chance.

This week I am chosing:

Crescendo (Boston Avant-Garde 2)

Initial Thoughts:   Has to be something with music involved and a menage romantic entanglement in probably a big city.  Not exactly sure what to expect since this is a new to me author.  What caught my eye though was the half naked man and the violin. I generally like books that have a music envolvement so hopefully this will be a good one, has been on shelf for awhile.

Previous results:
Hell Yeah, by Carolyn Brown
Dangerous Secrets by Lisa Marie Rice
A Date With The Other Side by Erin McCarthy

If you would like to participate here are the rules:

Fill out the Linky tool to include your blog, if you do not have a blog leave a comment with your selection:

Choose your book cover.
Post your initial thoughts on what the book will be.
Review and post your thoughts on how it compared to the cover.

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