Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mine by Brenda Huber

MineMine by Brenda Huber
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Alexandra "Alex" Sinclair was at the top of her career as a songwriter when she surprised the world by taking a job as a columnist at a newspaper, never writing another song again. Alex has her own personal reasons for changing her lifestyle, when singer Cole Gunnersson for the band Stolen Innocence request a meeting she quickly turns him down.

Vampyre Cole knows that he needs Alex to keep his band at the top of the charts, but the frustrating human is putting up a hell of a fight. When she reluctantly agrees to spend three weeks with the band, but the second he meets her he begins to fumble making not only an ass of himself but even turning Alex more skittish about the idea. Cole sets out to charm her and keep it professional, per her request, but the second he realizes she is his mate he plans full out seduction. When Alex becomes the target of a serial killer who Cole has been tracking, it is even more imperative to keep her close, now he just have to get the stubborn woman to agree.

Succulent read. From the first page you are seduced into a fantasy world that you don't want to see end. Cole is at a loss with Alex and although Alex feels strongly for Cole, she has been burned one to many times to allow it to happen again. How can you go wrong with a rock star and vampire all in one?

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  1. I'm stopping over from Goodreads to say hello! Best wishes to Brenda and her book Mine.