Tuesday, June 5, 2012

For You by Kristen Ashley

For You (The 'Burg, #1)For You by Kristen Ashley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Everyone expected Alexander Colton and February Owen highschool sweethearts to marry one day and live happily ever after, a betrayal though tore them apart for twenty two years.

Feb has been back for two years and still has trouble looking Colt in the face. Colt never understood what Feb's reason for breaking up with him was but he does know it cut his soul in two, now a Lieutenant he has been brought in when Feb finds a body behind her families bar. A dead body was enough to send a shiver down Feb's spine but finding out it was a gift to her has her turning to Colt once again.

Colt is unsure where this new road with Feb is leading, but he is finally seeing some of the Feb he fell in love with coming back and he wants more of it. Trying to rebuild is tough though when her stalker is hacking dead bodies left and right, Colt's focus needs to be on protecting Feb and keeping her close.

This is one of those books that haunts you, but in a good way. If you happen to put the book down your focus is on picking it back up and delving back in. I thought this a lot darker than Kristen Ashley's book but I was utterly fascinated. Feb and Colt have a long twisty road in front of them but once they find themselves together again it looks like nothing will tear them apart..

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