Thursday, June 7, 2012

Anytime Darlin' by Julia Rachel Barrett

Anytime Darlin' (Siren Publishing Allure)Anytime Darlin' by Julia Rachel Barrett
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When Paramedic Jake McKenna responds to a call he is not expecting that the victim will change his life forever. Beaten, malnourished, and raped almost eighteen year old Devlin Barre is fighting for her life. The only thread of hope is an instant attachment to the man helping her, Jake with whom she feels safe. As Devlin begins to heal, ake is torn with the connection between them especially with the age difference.

Four and a half years later, Devlin is back and Jake wants to see if there really was something special between them. Devlin has thought of Jake daily and is worried that her expectations maybe too high, for she wants Jake forever.

This is a phenomenal story tht carries a delicate balance between Jake and Devlin, especially in the beginning. Jake is the rock trying to shield Devlin from the hurt she has been through, when the two are torn apart they feel it deep in their bones but hope one day they will reunite. I had actually read this before but didn't realize it.

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