Thursday, April 26, 2012

Theme Day: Dangerous Heroes

Wild Card (Elite Ops, #1)Wild Card by Lora Leigh
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When Navy SEAL Nathan Malone left for his latest mission, he did not realize it would be the last time he saw his wife. Brutally tortured and left with only the shell of the man everyone knew, Nathan has kept away fearing his wife, Sabella, would never be able to accept the person he has become. When he is sent back to the place he left on a new mission as Noah Blake, he is not sure what to make of the hot blooded woman with a unyielding temper his wife has become.

Six years later Sabella is struggling to keep the shop her husband had built afloat, when a biker comes to town and her brother-in-law promises him a job. Something is off with Noah Blake, Sabella has not once felt passion for anyone since her husband, not to mention that he comes into her shop barking orders as if he owns it, she wants him gone. She has one hell of a fight on her hands as Noah plans to capture her heart and soul with or without a fight.

Wild Card=Wild Ride. I loved this book, just loved it. I cried, laughed, stressed myself out trying to figure out what was happening. Gritty, sexy, and a whole lot of fun.

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this book--my favorite in the series!! Great choice!!