Friday, April 13, 2012

Nightfire by Lisa Marie Rice

NightfireNightfire by Lisa Marie Rice
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Former Marine Force Recon and SWAT officer, Mike Keillor feels his life is circling the drain. He finds himself in a horrid situation that causes him to have a wake up call and begin reflecting on where he wants his life to lead. That answer comes within hours of his ghastly mistake in the form of Chloe Mason.

Chloe Mason's whole life has been a lie, spending most of her childhood in hospitals she never had the true feeling of what a family is. Finding out she has a brother, has her both fearful and full of joy not sure if he will accept her. Everything she was hoping for comes true, but she also finds an unbelievable connection to Mike. When a hurdle gets thrown in their way, she finds Mike backing off and no explanation why until Chloe ends up on the radar of the Russian Mafia.

I loved this book, it was dark and heavy but oh so good. Mike is struggling with his demons, but the second he lays eyes on Chloe it all changes. She is a ray of light to his darkness and he wants to hold on for dear life, but her brother has hesitations about Mike as he has always been a player and were talking a sister he thought was dead.

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  1. Definitely never heard of this one. Thanks for putting this on my radar. Nice review.