Sunday, April 15, 2012

Task Force Three and the Irish Jewel by Dixie Lynn Dwyer

Task Force Three and The Irish Jewel (The Men of Five-0, #3)Task Force Three and The Irish Jewel by Dixie Lynn Dwyer
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Ava O'Brian has been groomed her whole life to be a lady as well as be able to protect herself if necessary, when her father is brutally murdered in front of her and a rogue wolf sets out to claim her as his own, Ava hightails it out of Ireland. Two years later Ava is trying to bring the man down who betrayed her father, but a new ripple has crossed her path as she meets the Declan brothers who are claiming she is there mate.

Willy cannot believe they have found their mate and from what he can tell she needs their protection, but getting the feisty lass to recognize the men as mates as well as accept their protection is an uphill battle. As Willy sets out a plan to seduce his mate, his brothers Mick, Sean, Pat, and Kyle each work together to make Ava feel loved in every way possible.

This was good, but did not flow as well as the other two. I just did not connect as well with Ava and the Declan brothers, although Mick is a smooth operator. I would have liked more setup on this one I think.

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  1. I LOVE this series--the second book is my favorite--I just love the brothers in that one soo much!! I am almost finished with this one--I have waited sooo long for her to finally finish and release it. I totally agree with your review. It just didn't seem the same as the others. Still likes it, just not as much!! :)