Friday, April 6, 2012

Rock Chick by Kristen Ashley

Rock Chick (Rock Chick, #1)Rock Chick by Kristen Ashley
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Indy Savage lives in a world of her own, known as a rock chick she is loyal to the music, her sexy underwear, dressing as bad ass as she can, and constantly reminding herself that Liam "Lee' Nightingale is not interested, even if she swore to her best friend she would marry her brother Lee and they would become true sisters. Indy spent years in full pursuit of Lee, but when he finally told her he thought of her as a sister, she retreated now ten years later she is still avoiding him as much as she can and now has a bit of a problem she could really use his assistance with. It wasn't her fault that her employee had entrepreneurial skills and decided to hide some diamonds he can't retrieve, Indy yelling at the bad men and getting shot at a little bit her fault. Now she has raised the eye of a local mobster who has decided to woo her, Lee has let her know under no uncertain terms they are together, and she has a way of constantly getting herself in the center of trouble, what's a girl to do.

I absolutely loved this. Lee is all alpha male, he has been waiting for Indy to reinitate her quest to have him and realizes maybe the words he chose to ward her off years ago may have been a tad to strong, he just wanted to temporarily halt the process. It is crazy, hilarious, rip roaring fun. I can't believe I had not picked up this author before. I am officially addicted.

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