Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Lydia's Twin Temptation by Heather Rainier

Lydia's Twin Temptation (Divine Creek Ranch, #8)Lydia's Twin Temptation by Heather Rainier
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Out of all the Divine Creek books this is the one I have been waiting with the most anticipation for, I can't recall what book Clayton and Chance were introduced in, I think it was Heavenly Angel, but I have been eager for this story to unfold and it did not disappoint.

Chef Lydia Webster moved to Fort Stockton with a job offer that looked like it would bolster her career, only to find out it fell through and ended up getting a job at Cafe Oasis with a handsy sleazy manager who she has been able to keep at arm's length. Finding her stuff stolen out of her dingy motel room is just about the last straw for her.

Chance can't wait to see Lydia again, he has slowly been building up the courage to ask her out even though they live so far apart. His twin Clayton is interested too, but cannot see how a relationship would work out long distance. When Chance sees the opportunity to offer Lydia a job at the ranch cooking for the hands, he hopes she will accept it. Laying it all on the line, he shares with her what he hopes will develop into a meaningful relationship between the three if she is willing to try.

***Reread because I had been looking at my five star reviews and curious about this one again. This is still a great read, Clayton is the vulnerable one in this story worried that the one thing he wishes for the most will never happen, only once Lydia is in his grasp does he begin to believe.
A huge fulfilling sigh..loved it.

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