Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday Musings..looking for

Would like to find a good shifter story, one where the Alpha knows his mate but the mate is human and he is having a problem telling her.  He may have claimed her already and she doesn't know it yet...

Any suggestions?

So far...I have read Wallflower  and Mane Event but the rest are now offically added to my TBR

The Mane Event (Pride, #1)The Wallflower (Halle Pumas, #1)
Elizabeth's Wolf (Breeds, #3)When He Was Bad (Includes Magnus Pack, #4)
Mary and the Bear (True Mates, #2)Tameka's Smile (True Mates, #4)


  1. Oh, so many! Lol. And I bet half the ones I would reccomend, you've already read. Let me think on that....


  2. Well, you've probably read most of these but here goes:

    Wallflower by Dana Marie Bell
    The Mane Event by Shelly Laurenston
    Miss Congeniality by Shelly Laurenston (short in When He Was Bad book)
    Elizabeth's Wolf by Lora Leigh (although a lot of hers have this theme)
    Mary & the Bear
    Tameka's Smile both by Zena Wynn