Thursday, March 1, 2012

March: Series Spotlight

March Theme: Series Spotlight

Each Thursday in March, I am featuring a series beginning to end (or at least to the last current read)

This week: DIG Security Series by Laina Kenney

Overheated  (DIG Security 1)Overheated by Laina Kenney
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When Sara James was hired at DIG, Army Ranger and specialist Dash Williams knows she is the one for him. Sara's shy demeanor has him baffled on how to approach her, usually women throw themselves at him, where Sara is concerned she keeps her distance. When Dash finds out that an ex-boyfriend is stalking Sara he not only sees his chance to keep her close, what he doesn't expect is the passion that he sees in her eyes when he makes his intentions clear.

I love this series, the first book is semi short but pack full of passion, intrigue, and hints towards the next book. This was a reread for me.

View all my reviews Overwhelmed (DIG Security 2)Overwhelmed by Laina Kenney
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Carolyn has kept her desire for her bosses former Army Rangers Granger and Issac at a slow burn, but Granger is tired of waiting he wants her in his and Issac's life now. When she finally realizes how deep their feelings for her are, it could not be soon enough when a stalker has targeted her and seems determined to remove her from the picture.

The second in the DIG Security series. I had actually read this before but for some reason thought I hadn't. Still a good story, could have been a little longer but worth the read. Definitely opens the book up for a sequel.

View all my reviews Overexposed (DIG Security, #3)Overexposed by Laina Kenney
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Avelyn has to get out of Ireland fast, calling her Uncle Conn a security expert for help, she is put under the watchful eye Locke McCann.

Locke is afraid that Avelyn will react unfavorably to his scar riddled face, enlisting the help from his twin Sam in order to ensure he finds her when she arrives in Texas. After one sizzling introduction, Sam has no plans to leave Avelyns side and for all of Locke's hesitation about his looks being offputting, Avelyn could care less, she likes his handsome demeanor. Just as they begin to get to know one another, the threat Avelyn has been running from has arrived and he is determined to take her hostage.

I am a big Laina Kenney fan, her first two books are a couple of my favorites. Overexposed is another great read, my only complaint..too short. I wish it had been longer.

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