Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Bride for Two Tycooons Part 1 & 2

A Bride for Two Tycoons, Part 1 The Courtship A Bride for Two Tycoons, Part 1 The Courtship by Sydney Holiday
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I reread this because I realized I had never written a review on it and since it is one of my favorites it would be an excellent reread.

Madeline Spencer is in a bit of a pickle when one of the kids she takes care of throws another childs favorite bear in a pond at a fancy establishment. When she is about to jump in for teddy rescue, she ends up drawing a crowd and the attention of a man who has been watching the whole event unfold, and he has bad boy written all over him.

Garrett Ellis can't believe he let the intriguing woman get away, but he plans to find her. Although Garrett has spent his life as a bit of a playboy, he thinks he has just met the one for him and his brother Dalton.

Dalton is tired of carrying the load at Ellis Enterprises, Garrett works there but is not as focused when it comes to the details, usually Garrett is looking for his next conquest. When Garrett schedules an impromptu meeting, Dalton expects the worst but Madeline Spencer is a bit of a surprise and once he sets his eyes on her, he doesn't plan to let her go.

Great book, Madeline is confused initially because her feelings are so overwhelming.  She is not from Male Order and jumping into a menage is foreign to her.  Garret is delicious as the charmer but there is an intensity in Dalton that makes him an instant favorite.  This is a review for both books, part 1 and 2.

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