Friday, March 16, 2012

Amber Eyes by Maya Banks

Amber EyesAmber Eyes by Maya Banks
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Once part of a menage relationship, Hunter and Jericho both agreed to never enter into another menage out of respect for their former partner. Hunter, a loner, has formed an attachment to a cougar that has been hanging by the cabin Hunter and Jericho share between assignments. Jericho is just waiting for the cougar to eat his best friend, but when it becomes injured Hunter is adamant it needs their help.

As if taming a cougar is not weird enough, they find a naked woman in their cabin. After a rocky start, both Hunter and Jericho find themselves both falling for Kaya and are weary about jumping into something she may not want. Kaya knows these two men are destined to be her mates, but she has a secret that she fears they will use againist her, once they know. Once they get called out on assignment though, with a promise to come back soon, Kaya finds herself alone and pregnant.

An interesting story, have not read one like this before where a female is a shifter and knows nothing of her history. I liked that she was kind of stilted in the beginning, having lived most of her life in cougar form. You sensed her innocence and her two mates are also healing from their own losses.

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  1. Great review!

    Hmm--sounds like it could be a good one! :) I've only read a few of Maya's (from the Colters' series), but I'm always up to trying more!

    TBQ's Book Palace