Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Alpha's Mate by Jacqueline Rhodes

The Alpha's Mate (The Wolvers, #1)The Alpha's Mate by Jacqueline Rhoades
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Elizabeth Reynolds moves from the city for a fresh start in Rabbit Creek, her plans are to become an author and what better setting than a cabin in the woods. Of course her plans have a way of combusting when her car breaks down, she is found in her underwear by the Chief of Police. The house she has rented is in need of extra help and she finds out that there actually are werewolves, of course they call themselves wolvers but that is a technicality.

Chief of Police Marshall Goodman knows that Elizabeth is meant to be his mate, but there are forces at work trying to attack their land and people that need to be taken care of first. Marshall tries to woo Elizabeth, but his efforts are a little off when Elizabeth forms her own ideas of why Marshall would never be interested in her.

Very funny and a delightful shifter story. Elizabeth is a hoot, she is a thinker which often gets her in a bit of trouble. Marshall exudes alpha but he also is quite sweet when it comes to Elizabeth. Anxious to read more from this fantastic series.

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