Thursday, December 19, 2013

Painted Boots by Mechelle Morrison Book Tour, Guest Post and Giveaway

by Mechelle Morrison



When her father drags her to a new life in Wyoming, Aspen Brand doesn’t expect to fall for a cowboy named Kyle Thacker—but she does. Aspen and Kyle share unexpected ground: guitar, running, physics. And guilt. Aspen blames herself for her mother’s car accident, while Kyle can’t find a way past his brother’s suicide.

On their first date they open up to each other, forging an unbreakable bond between them. But Kyle has spent two years living with a vicious secret—one his ex-girlfriend will do anything to protect—and sharing his truth with Aspen makes her a target. Now if Kyle is to be her love story, Aspen must first win the fight of her life.



From Chapter Ten

Just outside the kitchen, Kyle stops near a rope ladder anchored to the wall.  I look up, following the rungs to a dark square hole in the ceiling, picking out the faint hint of starlight coming from somewhere beyond.  Kyle pulls off his boots and sets them together on the floor.  I pull mine off as well, though before I can set them down he takes them from me.  “I love how you paint these things,” he says, turning them over and studying the heels.

I don’t know what to say, so I grin.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

As a child, Mechelle filled her journals with someday-my-prince-will-come fantasies.  Then one day her prince arrived, driving a silver Tundra, and they adopted a fine daughter.  Life got busy—work, family, daily cooking—but she still spends her evenings giving voice to the stories inside her head.  Only now, instead of locking them away, she publishes them.

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 Guest Post
My favorite word – and why.
When I was a child, my demonstrative word-of-choice was crap.  I’m not sure why I liked it so much, except that my brothers often said it and I thought I sounded tough by saying it too.  (That, and being a tom-boy, I took a lot of pleasure in knowing the word drove my mother nuts.)  So I guess it’s natural, now that I’m all grown-up, to have adopted crap’s less-than-polite-company cousin sh*t as my favorite word.  (I’ll not spell it out here, just in case a few of you have gentle ears.)
Part of why I love this word is that I love the way cowboys say it – she-iit, like it’s the verbal after thought of some un-fixable yet half-expected disaster.  For years it’s been my whispered-under-the-breath word of choice when I make a stupid mistake; my preferred expletive of fear on roller-coasters; my exclamation of feigned rage during golf.  Sh*t is the ultimate sound of disappointment or disbelief while at the same time curing said disappointment or disbelief by lifting the moment into laughter.  (It always makes me laugh, anyway.)
Versatility of this little semantic, aside, I’ll point out here and now that as a word it sounds great in any language: shite and merde come to mind, though scheisse is my all-time favorite.   Try scheisse (pronounced shys-sah) when playing pool.  It makes me laugh just thinking about my husband’s reaction.  (Not to mention our German friends.)
So it’s no small wonder that when writing PAINTED BOOTS, I felt there was no better word for describing the feeling of being caught doing something you’d rather not be caught at, (as when Kyle whispers ‘sh*t’ after Aspen’s dad announces his presence outside her bedroom door), or for driving home the obvious (as when Kyle says ‘no sh*t’ after Aspen comments that her dad is angry.)

Mechelle will be awarding a $25 Amazon GC to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour and a unique, hand-crafted bookmark to one randomly drawn commenter at each stop.


  1. I loved the guest post and yes I use the word a lot. lol


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  4. I don't use either word actually - I use bug**r a LOT!!


  5. I'm definitely a CRAP kind of girl, as in "OH CRAP" or an occasional "HOLY CRAP" and I have adopted the sporadic "Crap on a cracker"...LOL
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