Saturday, December 7, 2013

Bound by Sophie Oak

Bound (A Faery Story, #1)Bound by Sophie Oak
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Taken from the Earth Plane, Megan Starke is trying to wrap her head around what has happened. She is naked, bound, and now there is the most handsome man she has ever seen wanting t sample her wares. Megan wants non of it though.

Prince Beckett Finn needs a bondmate immediately to save his brother. Their lives have been turned upside down since their Uncle betrayed their family. When he sees Megan he believes the lovely human is the one they have been waiting for.

Despite all of Megan's protests, she can't help falling for Beck, bu his behavior after an intimate moment leaves her hurt and reluctant to put herself in that position again. Prince Cian doesn't realize the woman who is caring for him is his bondmate, his mind drifts until the bond is sealed. Cian realizes Beck has made a muck of his relationship with their mate and always the charmer, he plans to seduce his way into her heart and then work on getting Megan to forgive his brother.

Wowza. This was one of those books I hemmed and hawed on reading, but eventually picked it up and boy was it worth it. Beck is a dom who doesn't want to admit he is a dom, based on an experience from his past. Cian is a charmer and although the softer brother, he has a way of going caveman on Megan. Exceptional read.

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