Monday, December 9, 2013

Accepting Eva by Becca Van

Accepting Eva (Slick Rock #8)Accepting Eva by Becca Van
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Evana Woodridge is used to the looks of pity, scorn, confusion when people see her. With a predominant limp and brace that is noticeable she has lived through every cruel moment under peoples judgement. When her leg experiences another debilitating cramp, Quin Badon is pulling her into his arms and acting like she is the most delicate treasure he has every seen. His brothers Gray and Pierson feel like Evana could be the one they have been waiting for.

From the beginning they are honest about who they are, who they plan to be and they take their time waiting for Evana to come to terms with how she feels about the Badon brothers. However, someone fro her past is determined to have her and the insecurities of a lifetime of hurt give Evana pause on whether she can trust the Badon brothers, even though her heart already has the answer.

I liked this one quite a bit, Evana is an unusual heroine and the Badon brothers like her for who she is. Quin is the dominant of the brothers, definitely has a temper and the chemistry between all four shines through.

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