Thursday, December 26, 2013

Hero of her Heart by Lindsey Brookes

Hero of her HeartHero of her Heart by Lindsey Brookes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Even at four years old Tanner Montgomery knew two things, he would never get married and he would be Sheriff one day like his daddy. Over the years though his matchmaking mother never wavered with the hope that one day her best friend's daughter Bethany Warner would be his bride. To Tanner, Bethany was a pest always following his footsteps and having to include her when he was hanging out with is buddies. He got a reprieve though when Bethany moved away, but now she is back for a month and his mom is in full force matchmaking mode.

Bethany couldn't wait to see her childhood crush Tanner, she used the wisdom only Cosmo could provide for women and hoped that she would knock him off his feet. Bethany does and Tanner turns into the village idiot trying to gain some footing around her, but Tanner will not be wavered on his single life status. Although when Bethany comes to him needing help with something he never expected everything changes, now both are avoiding one another and seem to be willing to walk away even though their hearts are breaking.

Delightful read, was pretty funny and had some unexpected moments where you can't help to smile. Tanner is an idiot (but in a sweet way), he rationalizes his stance but can't see what is right in front of him, often making an ass out of himself. I love the type of stories where the hero has been kind of cocky when it comes to the heroine and the heroine has a way of making him eat crow later. Very fun read.

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