Friday, December 27, 2013

Red Moon by M. A. Grant

Red MoonRed Moon by M.A. Grant
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Realizing the relationship she Evie Thompson had been in, has completely overtaken her life in an unhealthy way she packs up and moves to Alaska. Still suffering the after effects of her past relationship two years later, Evie balks when she meets Flynn Sinclair. Everything about Flynn is intense, dominant, but there is a tenderness quality to him that Evie sees and is not sure what to do with.

After a tumultuous past with his Alpha father, Flynn flees to Alaska to live a quiet life. When he is summoned to clean up a mess his older brother has found himself in, Flynn gets the feeling he can't escape his past. Meeting Evie though throws him completely, he knows she is his mate but convincing her is a whole different matter. Finding a delicate balance between watching over his brother and earning Evie's trust, Flynn realizes he has put Evie in danger.

I loved this story, Flynn is a total Alpha hero and I hope this becomes a series. There is a whole back story for Flynn that catapults this story to something special. I thought the author had a talented way of creating the characters in a very visual way, you can easily imagine each scene. Excellent read, highly recommend.

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