Sunday, December 15, 2013

Secrets From Her Past by Jules Bennett

Secrets From Her Past (Scandalous, #2)Secrets From Her Past by Jules Bennett
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Even though Dylan would never admit it, when his best friend and love Cori left it broke something within him. Seeing Cori succeed as a super model didn’t help Dylan either, what could he possibly offer her that she couldn’t obtain herself?

Faced with the shame that an untrue scandal has shattered her career, Cori returns home to Pebble Cover. Guarding a carefully kept secret, Cori doesn’t plan to get close to Dylan again and his animosity towards her is not a big surprise. The rekindled chemistry is though and even though she tries to stay away being in Dylan’s presence makes it impossible. Cori believes if Dylan ever finds out the true reason she left, he will never be able to look at her again. -

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