Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Bet by Rachel Van Dyken

The BetThe Bet by Rachel Van Dyken
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From the time they were babies, Kacey and Travis have been each others worse enemies. With Kacey it was because Travis has picked on her, teased her, humiliated her, and the list goes on. For Travis though he was just trying to show Kacey how he feels, he liked her, loved her, still loves her. Throw into the disastrous courtship of an unsuspecting Kacey, Travis’s little brother Jake, Kacey’s best friend. Travis has always been jealous of Jake, he wanted to be the one protecting Kacey and by her side giggling, holding hands, and all the other good stuff Jake seemed to receive from Kacey.

Kacey has not seen Jake in years, after an impulsive move on both of their parts Jake walked out and instead of trying to repair the damage, he acted like a jackass. Now he needs Kacey to pretend they are engaged for his dying grandmother’s sake. Kacey would like nothing better than to slap him upside the head and walk out, but she loves his family and is willing to do anything to help. Of course, Kacey is completely unaware that Travis will be there. Seeing Travis is with mixed feelings, one moment he is being sweet, the next he is creating mischief. Before the end of the weekend, truths will come out, passion will find a new level, and a couple of tussles will be inevitable before Kacey realizes who truly has her heart.

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