Monday, August 19, 2013

Getting Hotter by Elle Kenedy

Getting Hotter (Out of Uniform, #8)Getting Hotter by Elle Kennedy
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

From the very first moment SEAL Seth Masterson met dancer Miranda Breslin, he was in full out lust. He wanted her in his bed, in his kitchen, hell anywhere he could get her.

From the minute she met Seth, Miranda was in lust with the stunning man. She quickly made the decision for look don't touch, after all a mom of twins has her priorities. Despite Seth's insistent courtship, which is more him stopping by her work and making sure she is safe, Miranda has stuck by her guns and never accepted his invitations, she can't be with a man who doesn't want to include her children in their life. After one extremely rough day, she relents with a no strings agreement, but Seth finds himself not only falling harder, but beginning to soften to her children.

I wanted to like this one, but I struggled. I had a hard time with Seth and his issue with kids, it is explained later in the story and it totally makes sense, but I had a hard time overlooking his selfish behavior.I could have just not been in the right mood for this one, would try again later.

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