Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Awakening Foster Kelly by Cara Rosalie Olsen

Awakening Foster KellyAwakening Foster Kelly by Cara Rosalie Olsen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Foster Kelly is that awkward girl you knew or were in high school. She is constantly teeter tottering in her life, either in her thoughts or her affinity for clumsiness make an appearance in her day to day life. After a particularly mortifying moment, Foster again feels a little lost when it comes to Dominic. After a rough start though they become friends of sorts but the more they spend time together it builds into something more special and quite unique. Throw in a protective and outspoken friend as well as a variety of other interesting characters and you have a really well written book.

Without divulging too much of the story line, you have to know that Foster quickly burrows her way into your heart. She is vulnerable, quirky, shy, clumsy and I have to say I shed a couple of tears while getting to know her. This story is meant to be savored,each page is rich with details and a story that transforms into something quite special. Excellent read.

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