Friday, August 16, 2013

Not Your Average Joe by Nell Carson

Not Your Average JoeNot Your Average Joe by Nell Carson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Jennifer Wright's life as a young adult has not been smooth, realizing the man she gave her heart and soul to was a mirage, she finds herself pregnant and alone. Jennifer could have rolled over and faltered, but she fought tooth and nail to provide the best for her son. She often wondered if the day would come that she would tell his father about him, but from the numerous tabloid articles it looks as if he has yet to mature enough to be a father in any capacity.

Jared Brickman has always had money at his fingers, eventually he plans to become the CEO of Brickman Foods. For now he is going undercover for a television show attempting to be a normal worker and getting a handle on the plant that is under performing. Jared is trained by Jennifer, who he does not recognize. Jennifer wants Jared to go away, especially if he does remember who she is. Despite the awkward situation, Jennifer finds herself falling for Jared again, but is he worth her trust?

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