Sunday, August 18, 2013

Girl Least Likely To Marry by Amy Andrews

Girl Least Likely to Marry (Modern Tempted)Girl Least Likely to Marry by Amy Andrews
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Scientist, genius, and socially awkward Cassie Barclay blames the pheromones. Her animalistic side has decided to visit and it has set it's sights on former quarterback Samuel "Tuck" Tucker. Cassie doesn't know what to do, the man is dumber than dumb can be and her thoughts keep venturing to him, especially with what she would like to do to him.

Tuck knows Cassie has made a judgement call about him, he actually is quite smart but he doesn't want to disappoint the woman with her preconceived notions about him. However after a night of flirting, nothing has him more stunned than Cassie appearing at his door intent on getting him to bed, no seduction, no flattery, just primal needs that she wants to get out of her system. How can he turn that down, but one night is simply not enough.

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