Friday, August 16, 2013

Every Night Forever by R.E. Butler

Every Night Forever (Hyena Heat, #1)Every Night Forever by R.E. Butler
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wolf shifter Alyssa Morgan is tired of being the pack playmate and when she makes her thoughts known that she is looking for a mate, rather than a roll in the hay, she is shunned from her pack. With the realization that it is either put out or stay out, she decides she is leaving and making a fresh staart.

Mason Stone knows the second Alyssa walks in to interview, she is the mate he and his brothers have been looking for. Were-hyenas mate in threes and they have been looking for the one. Convincing his brother Cairo is no problem, but Dante is a bit more hesitant in committing to Alyssa who doesn't seem interested in any of them. Alyssa though is struggling, she is attracted to all three and doesn't want to be treated like another play toy so she remains aloof instead. When a threat attacks Alyssa, the time for wooing is over and all three men plan to make their intent clear, she is their mate.

This story had so many of my favorite things going for it, shifters, fighters, full figured women, and menage. I enjoyed this story quite a bit, but also was a bit disconnected towards the end. I wanted the mating to happen and their was chemistry, but a lot of tears and there were times Alyssa came off less strong than I thought she actually was. Good story, but had a couple of hiccups for me. I would definitely continue the series though.

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