Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Deep Connections by Rebecca Graf Book Tour and Givewaway

Title: Deep Connections
Series: Connections Series #1
Author: Rebecca Graf
Genre: Paranormal, Romance, Suspense, Thriller, Mystery,
Publisher: Silver Tongue Press
Format: Ebook | Paperback
Length: 298 pages

Book Description:

Just as love appears, so does the darkness. With her heart reaching out for one man, Brenna finds herself the target of an unknown stalker. Who is he? What does he want? How far will he go for her? Death is an option. Brenna discovers more than she bargained for and learns that the stalker will kill for her. It all comes down to decisions, and no matter what she chooses it will demand sacrifice and someone's blood.


Brenna’s eyes fluttered open to see a blur of trees flying by.  Her head pounded and her stomach began to roll from the pain she felt and the fast-changing scenery.  A careful look at her surroundings told her she was in some older model car.  She inhaled deeply to calm herself, but confusion set in as her senses were assaulted by unfamiliar smells.  Her eyes widened in fright as terrifying memories began to flood her mind.  Turning slowly, afraid of what she might see, she gazed at the man behind the wheel of the speeding car.  She shivered when she saw he was just as repulsive as she remembered.  Who was he and what did he want with her?

Sensing her stare, a pair of dark, soulless eyes turned towards her.  A smile appeared on his unkempt face.  “Well, well, sleeping beauty awakes.”  Brenna’s stomach rolled again as she felt his eyes slide hungrily over her body.  She pushed up against the door in an effort to put as much distance between the two of them as she could, but he shook his head in disapproval.  “No need to be  dramatic.”  He turned his attention back to the road.  “We both know you won’t jump out.”


4 stars

Teacher Brenna cannot deny her attraction to Slaton, but she believes it is one sided.  Brenna is used to being alone and not feeling close to anyone, but she forms a friendship with Slaton and his family not realizing that they have an indescribable connection with one another.

Slaton has been biding his time trying not to rush Brenna, everything about his future hinges on her acceptance of him.  Not realizing that she is slightly clueless to his feelings toward her, he makes his move with a few snafus in the way.  One of which is a stalker who seems determined to claim Brenna as his own whether she wants it or not.

Deep Connections had a few twists to the story along the way.  It is a suspense, romance, and paranormal all wrapped into one.  I thought it was an intriguing story, Brenna is strong and beautiful but she doesn’t necessarily realize it about herself.  Loved Slaton he is a manly man who wants to badly to just whisk Brenna away but he knows if he does it will ruin everything.    I look forward to reading the next one.

About the Author:

Rebecca Graf lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with her husband and three children. She worked as an accountant for 20 years before taking the plunge and write online for various sites and companies. Now she runs a publishing company, Silver Tongue Press, and writes full time while trying to keep up with all the activities of her children.

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1 Ebook or Print copies (winners choice) of Deep Connections by Rebecca Graf

1 additional copy will be given away courtesy of Musings From An Addicted Reader

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  1. I am so glad you enjoyed and thank you for hosting me.

  2. Great review :). Hope you're enjoying your tour Rebecca.

  3. This sounds like my kind of book. paranormal, romance, mystery, etc. Sweet!

  4. Thanks so much for taking part in the tour. I'm glad you enjoyed Deep Connections so much!