Friday, February 1, 2013

All In by Raine Miller

All In (The Blackstone Affair, #2)All In by Raine Miller
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ethan Blackstone doesn't know how will ever get Brynne to trust him again. It was not completely intentional to keep who he was from her, in his way he was protecting her and realizing it was a huge mistake on his part. Of course in his defense, he had only planned to see her once but he ended up falling maddeningly in love with her instead. When a threat from her troubled past comes back, Ethan wants to be by her side protecting her, but will she be willing to forgive him?

You definitely have to read the first one before you pick this one up. After a devastating ending in the first book, Ethan is distraught that he is losing Brynne. I thought this was a fantastic sequel to an intense story. My only complaint is that at times Ethan is almost too intense with his feelings, almost major he-man, but it works itself out as he is fairly blunt about how he feels and why.

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