Monday, February 25, 2013

A Real Man by Jackie Leigh Allen Book Tour

A Real Man
by Jackie Leigh Allen

Stifled by her previous marriage, widowed Melissa swears to find herself a real man—but Matt finds her instead, rescuing her from a car wreck and proving that the years since high school have only made him more desirable.

A crash resounded; Melissa's chest hit the steering wheel, the air bag deployed with a bang then black silence.
A moment later, or so it seemed, a siren howled in the night. She opened her eyes and lifted her head. 


Her neck ached, her head pounded, slivers of steel pierced her eyes. A rap on her window. A man in uniform crouched beside her window for an instant then opened the door.

"Can you hear me?" a deep voice asked. A voice that twanged a chord inside her despite her various aches and pains.



Good. She pleased the sensuous voice. Good.

"I'm going to touch you."

Yes. Please.

Warm fingers smoothed over her forehead, down her cheeks, behind the base of her skull.

"Does any of this hurt?"

His touch? No! Oh, he meant her head.

"My head. My neck. My eyes. All of them."

"Anywhere else?" His long fingers moved over her shoulders, along her arms, around her hips and down her legs.

"Feels good." Damn. She'd said that out loud.

"I'd better check your head again."

He pulled off her ski hat and gasped. "Melissa Martin?"

The question in his suddenly familiar voice blasted her eyelids up. In the dim light she saw a man with a dark beard around a sensual mouth. Her gaze moved up past a scar on his cheek to dark, concerned eyes then back to the scar she'd kissed a hundred times a lifetime ago. "Matt Conroy?"


Melissa Martin Hall as a fresh slate this New Years Eve, after a marriage filled with hopes ended with death and a sordid view on happily ever after.  Reminiscing with her best friends over their lists when they were bright eyed and ready to take on the world, Melissa makes a pact to reinvent the list and o hers is finding a real man, but her quest is temporarily on hold when an accident has her being rescued by Matt Conroy the boy who once was her whole world but life happened instead.  It could be Melissa doesn’t have to seek out a real man, he may have just found her after all.

Wonderful romantic read, loved Matt who is quite the romantic when it comes to Melissa.  I liked that Melissa had a realistic past with her former husband and made mistakes that we often do when we are in young and in love.  Another fantastic addition in the  Five Women, One Night, One Year tour.


Who is your idea of a real man?   A real man is taller than I am, at least as smart, caring and willing to ask for directions.

What inspired you to start writing?  
I've always told myself stories and decided to write them down so I could tell them to others.

If you are picking up a book to read, what genre do you typically read?  
I usually read romance and mysteries

Jackie Leigh Allen enjoys writing and is delighted to be published. A Real Man is the second of five novellas from Boroughs Publishing Group. The New Year's Eve Club features five friends looking for the right man with a New Year's Eve deadline to find him. My short story, FIRST IMPRESSIONS, was released as part of the Lunchbox Romance line. 

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  1. I read this book and I loved it--really cute story about a sassy heroine and an adorably ernest hero and a case of mistaken identity. And only 2.99!

  2. Thanks Jill and thanks Addicted Reader for the excellent review. (I liked Matt a lot, too.)

  3. This is a fun story, I really liked the EMT hero.

  4. Oh, and if you'd like to know more about The New Year's Eve Club - just visit their facebook page -

  5. Thank you for the excerpt from this book. I look forward to reading it soon.

  6. This sounds great, Jackie. Love those "long fingers."
    Will be downloading this weekend to read during my daughter's tournament. Thanks, Addicted Reader, for the rec.