Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Single Daddy Club Boxed Set by Donna Fasano

The Single Daddy Club Boxed SetThe Single Daddy Club Boxed Set by Donna Fasano
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Derrick’s whole adult life was dedicated to his naval career until his cousin passed away and he became guardian to five year old Timmy. Not knowing the first thing about raising a child, Derrick finds himself asking Timmy’s teacher Anna for tips. Nothing surprised him more than the chemistry between them, but every time he gets close to Anna, she tries to push him away. Derrick is not giving up though, he knows what he wants and it’s Anna.


Widower Jason Devlin is in desperate need of a babysitter or his young toddler Gina. As a police officer, his hours vary and from the look of his house he needs one today. When Katherine “Katie” Wellingford shows up on his door, he isn’t sure if he hit the jackpot or not but an instant connection is made with her. Jason is having a hard time letting go of the memories of his wife, but everything about Katie intrigues him, but Katie has not been quite truthful with who she is and I she wants to become an important part of Jason’s and Gina’s life she needs to confess, before it is too late.


Reece Newton has done away with women, he spends all his efforts caring for his son Jeff. When an insurance claim goes haywire, Maggie Dunlap storms into his office demanding compensation for her ruined video recorder. For the first time in a very long time, Maggie feels for the radiant woman who is of all things a private investigator. Reece tells himself to stay away, but he can’t seem to and when he finds out that Maggie is being stalked he quickly announces she will stay with him. A man who is not looking to become involved and a temptress in the same house is enough to ignite a few fires, if both are willing to trust one another. Their journey is not without a few struggles, especially when both become embroiled in a mystery.

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