Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sins From Her Past by Jules Bennett

Sins From Her Past (Scandalous, #1)Sins From Her Past by Jules Bennett
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Vincent “Vin” Hawk has been in love with Evelyn “Evie” Banks since the moment he met her. Her brother is his best friend so he never acted on his feelings, until now. Vin has hired Evie to design his resorts, he plans to use this time to see if there can possibly be more between them than friends.

Evie wants to be the right woman for Vin, but her tortured past and the secrets she has kept to herself could destroy everything close to her. Vin is willing to give Evie the time she needs to confide in him, he wants to protect her and build a future but when the person responsible returns, Evie knows she is going to have to tell Vin about the abuse or will lose everything.

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