Sunday, May 12, 2013

Back Where You Belong by Vonnie Davis

Back Where You Belong (Honky Tonk Hearts)Back Where You Belong by Vonnie Davis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Tyler Desmond does not have any plans to get involved with another woman, he has his daughter to think about after all. Of course his plans are jostled when a random dart jabs him in the neck while playing pool, his initial response is to raise holy hell with the young woman with poor aim.

Lacy LaRoche can't believe she hit the handsome cowboy with a dart, and when she is nervous she rambles, a lot. At the time she doesn't recognize him as her teenage crush. Tyler looks like he wants to strangle her, but she keeps going until a surprising end to the conversation has both not wanting it to end.

Tyler has baggage from his ex-wife, while Lacy has her own issues revolving a hidden videotape of her in college. Neither is ready to trust and have a rocky past ahead of them.

This had it's melodramatic moments, but overall really fun story. I felt for Lacy she has some self-esteem issues but Tyler sees past all of that. I liked Tyler, although he is a bit out of it in a couple of situations with Lacy.

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