Sunday, May 12, 2013

Play With Me by Kristen Proby

Play With Me (With Me in Seattle, #3)Play With Me by Kristen Proby
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Megan McBride can think of all the orifices she would like to ream another rejection letter from the mighty football star Will Montgomery, really he couldn't take an hour or two to visit with teen cancer patients who idolize him. Frustrated Megan heads out to lunch where she encounters her college best friend and her brother Will Montgomery.

Will of course doesn't know a thing about the requests, he does know he wants to get to know Megan better. With a snappy rejection, a heated encounter, and a ton of flirtation Will gets Megan to agree to a date with him. Megan is completely unlike any woman he has ever encountered, she speaks her mind, has a temper, and is oh so sweet when he has his arms around her and while Will would love nothing better than to take all her problems away, Megan is a fighter and doesn't like to be bossed around. Will plans to keep Megan by his side forever, but Megan has learned many times before when she fully gives her heart to someone they always walk away.

Loved, loved, loved it. The one big thing that I thoroughly enjoyed is Megan getting uptight about one of many battles of the mind between her and Will. When Will explains his side, she listens and thinks it through. Will can be a hot head as well and she doesn't cowl from at all, in fact she can use a few choice words and really let him have it but once the fight is over she moves on, he moves on, they move on. Have to go back and read the rest of the series now, laughed a lot and cried a few unexpected tears as well.

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