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Harbour Falls by S.R. Grey Book Tour

Title: Harbour Falls
Series: A Harbour Falls Mystery #1
Author: S.R. Grey
Genre: Romance, Mystery,
Publisher: Self-Published
Format: Ebook | Paperback
Words: 114,000 apx.

Book Description:

Best-selling author Maddy Fitch, researching material for a new novel, returns to Harbour Falls to investigate a disappearance that has haunted the town for more than four years. Maddy soon discovers that the case may be cold, but the #1 suspect, Adam Ward, certainly is not. Now living on an island off the coast of Maine, Maddy takes up residence near the sexy Mr. Ward's home. As she begins to seek out answers, the mystery deepens, putting Maddy in jeopardy.
Lies, secrets, deceptions. Nothing is what it seems in Harbour Falls.

First in a series. Romance/Mystery genre


“W-where am I?” I stammered, glancing around a living room lit only by the warm glow of a crackling fire in a soaring stone fireplace. My feet rested on a Persian rug, pigmented in rich shades of chocolate and claret. I had no doubt it was a genuine.
I looked up, and Adam raised an eyebrow. Pay attention, Maddy. You’re obviously in the house of the person whose property you were trespassing on.  
“I mean,” I hastily corrected, “what happened? How did I end up here?” A chill ran through me as I recalled the calloused hand covering my mouth before everything flashed black.
Adam raked his fingers through his messy hair. There was something insanely sensual about the way his long fingers lingered in the silky, dark strands; the way his eyes, blue but stormy, studied me. “Shouldn’t I be asking you that question, Madeleine?”
As crazy as it was, in that moment, all I could think was: Well, I guess he remembers me from high school.
My fingers absently traced the collar of the blue shirt—his shirt—while I tried to think of a plausible explanation. I glanced over at Adam, his eyes taking in the lazy movement of my hand and then traveling up to my too-thin tank. Unapologetic, he met my gaze, and his mouth turned up into a wickedly suggestive smile. I stilled, suddenly feeling incredibly warm but definitely overexposed. I struggled to arrange the damn blue shirt in such a way as to cover myself, while Adam looked on with amusement.
My mind screamed danger, but my body began to feel alive in a way that had been dormant for far too long. God, the sinful thoughts this man evoked. I needed to get a grip, but no. Unable, or maybe unwilling, to stop myself, I involuntarily licked my lips and allowed my eyes to wander over the unclothed parts of his body—the curves of his biceps, the impressive breadth of his broad shoulders, the expanse of his bare chest. My gaze descended to the perfectly shaped v of his torso, down to his hips, and just kind of lingered there.
Adam cleared his throat. Quickly, I looked away, questioning my sanity. Had I hit my head when I fainted?
“Madeleine.” Adam’s voice was low and seductive, served up with maybe a hint of jest. “If you were looking for that, you should have just rung the doorbell.”  


Madeleine Fitch comes home to Harbour Falls to hopefully uncover what really happened to one of the town’s residents the night before her wedding.  In the center of the suspect list is the boy she had a crush on throughout high school, Adam Ward who was engaged to the missing woman.    As she investigates her suspect pool grows larger uncovering some skeletons others would like to stay hidden.
An intriguing modern day mystery, several twists that keep you turning each page.  I thought this was perfectly paced and loved Adam and Maddie together.  I was captivated until the very end.


What is your quirk when writing?

Hmmm... I don't really have any major quirks, but I do always have to write at the same laptop. It's an older one, but the creative juices just flow when I'm pecking away at the keys.

What motivated to become a writer?

I loved writing from the time I was a kid, but I didn't have the courage to share my words with the world until more recently. I have all these stories in my head and it feels great to bring them to life on paper.

Did you draw inspiration for Harbour Falls from an event, music, etc?

I did actually! The setting--an isolated, foggy island--came to me after watching Shutter Island on dvd. And the mystery part of Harbour Falls came into play when I read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I loved the idea that the key to a mystery could hinge on a single photograph.

Rapid-Fire Questions:

Ice cream...chocolate or vanilla?  Chocolate

Movies or books?  Books!!!

About the Author:

S.R. Grey is the author of Harbour Falls, first in the Harbour Falls Mystery trilogy.
She resides in western Pennsylavania. She has both a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Robert Morris College, as well as an MBA from Duquesne University. And though she enjoys working in sales and consulting, her true passion lies in writing. Other interests include reading, traveling, running, and cheering for her hometown sports teams.


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