Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Someone Different by Kate Hanney

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Billy and Jay went one incident too far and now find themselves on a twenty-four month Youth Rehabilitation Order working and learning Equine studies. Jay and Billy have been together during the best of times and the worst. As both begin making new paths in their lives, they face new struggles and an unexpected turn.

Annabel feels the walls crowding around her, the pressure is high to be the best in school, to be the perfect representative for her family, she feels stifled and a disappointment to her mother in particular. When she is hurt emotionally by her parents, Annabel finds herself leaning on Jay. Anna and Jay form a unique relationship which is built solely on trust with one another, Annabel doesn’t know why but she knows what she feels for Jay. Jay can’t believe he is lucky to have her in his life but the trials they both face continue to build, despite the soft bubble they are trying to live in.

Emotionally realistic story. Jay and Annabel are completely different, Billy is harder to describe because he was more the carefree leader I think in the beginning. There is an honest quality to each of the characters that is relatable. Exceptional read.

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  1. Hi - thank you so much for taking the time to review my book. I'm delighted you found it to be an 'Exceptional read'!

    All the best, Kate