Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Fine Romance by Christi Barth

A Fine Romance (Aisle Bound Trilogy, #2)A Fine Romance by Christi Barth
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Mira Parrish isn't expecting her transition to her new life to be easy, but she thought at least the person picking her up from the airport would have at least shown up. Stuck with no help she finds her drenched in a rain storm and prickly by the time she arrives at her new apartment. Sam Lyons knows the first thing out of his mouth when he meets Mira should be an apology, but her stunning beauty floors him and then when she lets him get the verbal lashing of his life as well he decides he likes seeing her hackles raised.

Mira thinks Sam is the sexiest man she has met, but he is still not forgiven. Sam wants to get to know Mira but he has to find a way to break through her jaded image of him, which should be fairly easy if it weren't for one thing, Sam putting his mom first in his life. Sam feels he is duty bound to take care of his mom after his dad died, but the main issue is his mom is perfectly capable of taking care of herself and has no idea that Sam is his own train wreck.

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