Sunday, June 16, 2013

Shadow Music by Julie Garwood

Shadow Music (Highlands' Lairds, #3)Shadow Music by Julie Garwood
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4.5 stars

King John loves manipulating the pawns before him, always looking for an arrangement that benefits him. John is one of many admirers of the exquisite beauty Princess Gabrielle of St. Biel, if it wouldn't have caused disharmony with his allies he would have taken her for himself as a mistress. Instead King John arranges a marriage that will insert peace in the Highlands, with a gentle laird.

Gabrielle never meets her groom, instead she ends up holding a secret and having those she trusted turn on her. Laird Colm MacHugh doesn't know what to make of Gabrielle, but the accusations flung her way he knows to be false. Despite his better judgement, he tells Gabrielle he will marry her and she has a choice, they can marry today or six months from now. Gabrielle chooses six months and tries to flee, repeatedly. When Colm thinks he has her in hand, she manages to keep him off kilter one minute being the kind serene princess he first met, the next a blazing woman full of passion when she feels wronged. Colm can't seem to think of a reason why she is not the perfect match.

Full of intrigue, Shadow Music is a delightful highlander story. Loved both Gabrielle and Colm. Colm is a man of few words and is used to giving orders, while Gabrielle is spirited and used to finding a way around the things she doesn't want to do or hear. Highly entertaining.

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