Monday, June 10, 2013

Loosely Translated by Simon Hugh Wheeler

Loosely TranslatedLoosely Translated by Simon Hugh Wheeler
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

English Writer Mike Grey is at a crucial part in his career, he is unmotivated and his newest book in his detective series needs work, a lot of it. Enough of a problem that his publisher is not sure they will renew his contract . When a Spanish publishing company translates his works and is met with success, he is invited to Madrid and saddled with Maria Garcia. Maria struggles with Mike because she doesn’t like his books nor his main character making a few changes along the way. If it were not enough Maria finds herself becoming attracted to Mike and the feeling is mutual taking an unexpected turn of events with a few hurdles along the way.

Humorous telling of two separate cultures, meeting, clashing and providing a wonderfully crafted story. Mike was hard to like initially, he is a bit of a jerk and I was surprised at how realistic his character actually was, he grows on you over time. Maria I could easily imagine in my mind, she is a breath of fresh air and pure enjoyment. I liked that Maria was an unpublished author and her thoughts on Mike’s work were honest. Loosely Translated is definitely worth picking up and reading if you want something refreshingly new.

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