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Until the Sun Falls From the Sky by Kristen Ashley

Until the Sun Falls from the Sky (The Three, #1)Until the Sun Falls from the Sky by Kristen Ashley
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Leah Buchanan grew up knowing that one day she could follow the footsteps of her families service to vampires. The Buchanan women are held in the highest regard when it comes to concubines, they allow the vampires who chose them at the Selection to feast upon their blood until they are no longer in need and released to a comfortable lifestyle throughout their days. However Leah is completely different than her family, she has temper, opinion, and isn't quite sure she even wants to be a concubine and follow the strict rules cast upon them.

Vampire Lucien is one of the most powerful vampires out in there and he has had his eye on Leah for twenty years. He has been waiting until she was available before she was summoned to the Selection and he would enter into an agreement with her. Everything about her is different, she manages to fight him in every way possible. Lucien wants a different life with his concubine, he wants it all and plans to tame her. Causing the Vampire Dominion to come down hard wanting to intervene with the firm line Lucien is crossing with Leah. Neither Leah or Lucien realized though that their journey is only the first in three prophesies that will change everything they have known.

I wasn't sure if I would enjoy a vampire story by Kristen Ashley, I am a huge fan of her books and this was a bit off the beaten track from her other stories. That said I was blown away, Lucien is a very alpha man. He says something and expects it to be done, Leah however doesn't care and when a few well fought out fights lead to an unhappy resolution, Leah tries a different tact, driving Lucien nuts. It was like an intense chess game, game, set, match...loved this story and completely reread worthy. It was very rough in a few spots where you can't believe what one of them did, but it perfectly blends with this mismatched couple and I think since Lucien has lived for centuries he forget the little things that make Leah tick. Another 5 stars for Kristen Ashley.

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