Monday, March 25, 2013

Playing to Win by Jaci Burton

Playing to Win (Play by Play, #4)Playing to Win by Jaci Burton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Cole Riley is the poster child for bad boy, no matter the exceptional amount of talent he has as a NFL player it hasn't stopped him from being traded to his home team the Traders. His agent and now wife to his cousin, will do everything in her power to keep Cole from being traded again including hiring a makeover/PR consultant who has a knack for working miracles.

Cole can't seem to take his eyes off of the feminine beauty at a party he is at with his team, when he meets Savannah and her southern sass he is more than intrigued. Not realizing she has been hired to help him clean up his act, he is both hostile and aroused by the blunt woman. Cole is willing, as much as it pains him, to listen to what she has to say, but he also knows she is fighting her attraction to him and he wants to uncover every secret she has along the way.

I am torn on this one, there were aspects I loved like the opening chapter thought it was perfect for drawing the reader in. I thought the chemistry was electric and loved the witty taunts between Cole an Savannah. What I did struggle with was Cole's attitude with everyone is out to get him, but it is not fully explained why, there is a reason an it is mentioned but more in passing than actually a realization moment. Savannah, although I liked her a lot, I did think at times she droned almost to the edge of being preachy but at the same point it worked for what she needed to do with the story. Overall another fantastic book from Jaci Burton, I just wondered if there was some pieces left on the editing floor.

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