Saturday, March 9, 2013

Chasing Sam by Krystal Shannan

Chasing Sam (Vegas Mates, #1)Chasing Sam by Krystal Shannan
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Samantha "Sam" Demakis dreaded coming home for the holidays, she just wanted to focus on her medical degree. Crossing paths with Chase Michaels at the airport though has her wolf howling, but Sam has no interest in finding a mate. Her family had other ideas though and planned to force her to choose a mate, unbeknownst to her or she would never have gotten on the plane in the first place.

Chase had long given up hope of finding his mate, he knows Sam is his. Family dynamics though interfere as the Michaels are considered bottom feeders to the Demakis nobility. When Chase finds out Sam is part of the mate Hunt, Chase will do everything in his power to protect her and claim her as his own.

Excellent beginning to the Vegas Mates series by Krystal Shannan. I was riveted from the first meeting between Sam and Chase. I hope there is more in the series soon as would like to read more about both families.

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  1. Thank you for your kind words! Book 2 will be out later this year :-)