Monday, March 25, 2013

Offside by Juliana Stone

Offside (The Barker Triplets, #1)Offside by Juliana Stone
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Billie-Jo Barker left home a hockey phenom, only to return at the age of twenty-four injured and unable to play in the pros again. Lost and drifting, Billie-Jo sees that the local town has joined a hockey league, she wants in especially since it is no contact, but the men in the small town of Waterford don't want to play with a girl, especially one who can kick their ass on the rink. Adversity has never been a problem for Billie-Jo and she can run with the punches, but factor in Logan Forest and she knows she is in trouble.

Billie-Jo had a crush bordering on true love on Logan, but he didn't notice her even if she was one of three triplets. He carried a torch for her sister and one little opportunity arose to show Logan she was every bit as good as her sister, but it backfired leaving her devastated and running off to the big leagues. Logan however is seeing Billie-Jo in a different light, he wants her, the commitment-phobe is breaking all the rules when it comes to Billie-Jo, but when he finds out her secret will he be willing to forgive and forget?

Highly entertaining, I loved this story. It was gruff, blunt, seductive, and unexpected. I thought Logan was yummy, he is used to being sought after and has the reputation to prove he is the love em and leave them type, but Billie-Jo has him confused and uncertain.

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