Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Perfect Fit For Three by Sydney Holiday

A Perfect Fit For Three  (Liebling, Texas #1)A Perfect Fit For Three by Sydney Holiday
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After losing her last living relative Lena Morgan with her best friend in tow moved to Liebling, Texas to open a B&B called the Sweet Spot. With Lena and her friends talent, this is just the project to make a new start with. With both hands in and a lot of work to do, Lena hurts herself falling off a ladder ending up in the doctors office of Brock Stone.

Brock knows the second he meets Lena, she is the one he has been looking for and hopes his brother Wes will feel the same. As they go about trying to court Lena, they are not quite prepared for the independence that Lena is struggling to keep. They don't want her to change a thing, but they do want her to share and ask for help when she needs it and when in unveiled threat on her life happens, both men plan to protect her whether she likes it or not.

This was actually a reread for me, but I realized I didn't have a review. Still good, Brock is a bit of a shocker because he is so nurturing in the doctors office but boy is he purely alpha in the bedroom. A sizzler.

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