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Saturday, December 21, 2013

To Unleash A Brazen Desire by Rita Sawyer

To Unleash a Brazen Desire (Brazen Sisters, #2)To Unleash a Brazen Desire by Rita Sawyer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

One incredible night had Samantha Brazen losing her inhibitions to Trent Weatherly her new brother-in-law. Of course not sure how to handle the one night together, Sam quietly leaves but as if that was not uncomfortable Trent leaves town in a flurry.

Trent knows Sam is his one, the woman who he will do anything to love, honor and protect. Sam though seems a bit more hesitant to call it anything other than a fling, due to her past history in relationships. As a flirty banter develops over the phone, Trent is biding his time until he sees her again. Of course nothing with Sam goes smoothly and when she discovers she is pregnant, she is thrilled, scared, and an emotional mess. Every lesson Trent learned about wooing a woman has been thrown out the window and he makes one mistake in his use of verbage that has Sam questioning his true feelings.

Very fun read. The Brazen sisters are out in full force, they are sassy, determined, and play by their own set of rules. Trent is ecstatic that Sam is pregnant, but he is also a bit crazy when he tries to show Sam how much he loves her not always successfully. Highly entertaining series.

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