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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Leather and Lace by Melody Snow Monroe

Leather and Lace (The Callens #1)Leather and Lace by Melody Snow Monroe
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Although Samantha Callen likes all things girly, she has shed the traces of that demeanor trying to prove she is as good as any man rancher. When she interrupts rustlers stealing from her ranch, she inadvertently gets shot and is found by the side of the road by Wade and Heath Watson.

Wade and Heath made a declaration once to Samantha, they planned on making her their wife, and she has been running ever since. Now that she has been hurt, Wade and Heath step in to help and it is not quite what Samantha expected.

Very fun, Samantha is determined that having a man or men in her life will put her need aside and it will be controlling. Wade and Heath, don't see a relationship like that and plan to correct every assumption that Samantha has. I liked that the men were so understanding and didn't overwhelm Samantha, instead they listened and allowed her the space she needed. Excellent first book in the series.

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